Just a few words from Terry Eaglin Promotor of this series

I have had a passion for racing since I was a small child.  I started driving Midget race cars at the early age of 15.  I continued on to race street stocks and dirt  
late models with many victories throughout the U.S.

Over the years I have never lost my love for motorsport competitions.  In the early 80’s I began promoting demolition derbies, mini-car derbies, stock car racing,
figure 8’s, bus derbies, combine derbies, enduro’s, quad drags, mudslings, truck drags, and motocross’s at our surrounding county fairs.  One day I visited the
Indiana State Fair convention in Indianapolis, IN.  I watched associate members contract work from county fairs.  There were food vendors, carnival shows,
insurance agents, musical productions, tractor pullers, clowns, firework displays and more.  This interested me and I thought if these people could do this, why
can’t I promote motorsports events.  Needless to say that was the beginning of T.E. Promotions, Inc. “King of the derbies”.  We currently are doing over 100
events yearly in the Midwest and have opened a second office in Florida.  We promote the largest racing event in the Midwest with over 800 entries.

Along the way I have had many family members help to make this company a success.  Our children grew up in the business along with my nephew and now
their kids are starting to become involved.  I had the fortune of owning my own business so I was able to employ some of the same employees who worked for
me, along with providing jobs for quite a few college kids over the years.

We have learned a lot over the years and it never ceases to amaze me that there is always something new to learn.  Our goal is to provide each organization
and competitors with a fair, safe and exciting show.  We run strict rules, show no favoritism to any participants, provide insurance, trophies and prize money.

If you have any questions or would be interested in having T.E. Promotions, Inc. promote an event, please let us know.


Terry G. Eaglin
2016 TE Motorsports
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Immediate Release:
The board of directors for the Umra-King of the tq midgets have decided on the following engine rules  these rules will be in effect from 2017-2020.
The 2017 rules are any 636cc motor will be allowed to compete that the manufactured date is not newer than 2016. No motors newer than 2016 will until the 2020 year season.
All present motors are allowed thru next year.
Starting in 2016 the honda 836 motors will be allowed to go to 917cc. This rule applies to the 750 honda motors only. This rule will be allowed thru the 2020 season.
In the event that the honda  motor is better than expected, weight may be added to balance the field.
The 636 engine package must remain stock bore and stroke.
All motors that are presently legal for 2016 will be allowed to compete thru the 2020 season. Those motors that are grandfathered are those that are already built 700 cc and below and ran
last season. These motors  that are under 700cc  but are not stock bore and stroke, will be allowed to run, but will have a added weight rule starting at the start of the 2017 racing season.
The individuals that ran these motors last year will be the only ones allowed no new motors bigger than 636 cc stock bore and stroke will be allowed.
Theses rules are being used to keep racing down thru the 2020 season.
The board of directors for 2016 are Randy Literal, Danny Percell, and Larry Martz.
Terry Eaglin
Racing Action from March 26, 2016.  Click picture to see larger picture.
Congratulations to your 2018 CHAMPION MATT HEDRICK