Just a few words from Terry Eaglin Promotor of this series

I have had a passion for racing since I was a small child.  I started driving Midget race cars at the early age of 15.  I continued on to race street stocks and dirt  
late models with many victories throughout the U.S.

Over the years I have never lost my love for motorsport competitions.  In the early 80’s I began promoting demolition derbies, mini-car derbies, stock car racing,
figure 8’s, bus derbies, combine derbies, enduro’s, quad drags, mudslings, truck drags, and motocross’s at our surrounding county fairs.  One day I visited the
Indiana State Fair convention in Indianapolis, IN.  I watched associate members contract work from county fairs.  There were food vendors, carnival shows,
insurance agents, musical productions, tractor pullers, clowns, firework displays and more.  This interested me and I thought if these people could do this, why
can’t I promote motorsports events.  Needless to say that was the beginning of T.E. Promotions, Inc. “King of the derbies”.  We currently are doing over 100
events yearly in the Midwest and have opened a second office in Florida.  We promote the largest racing event in the Midwest with over 800 entries.

Along the way I have had many family members help to make this company a success.  Our children grew up in the business along with my nephew and now
their kids are starting to become involved.  I had the fortune of owning my own business so I was able to employ some of the same employees who worked for
me, along with providing jobs for quite a few college kids over the years.

We have learned a lot over the years and it never ceases to amaze me that there is always something new to learn.  Our goal is to provide each organization
and competitors with a fair, safe and exciting show.  We run strict rules, show no favoritism to any participants, provide insurance, trophies and prize money.

If you have any questions or would be interested in having T.E. Promotions, Inc. promote an event, please let us know.


Terry G. Eaglin
2014 TE Motorsports
All infomation and images are propety of TE Motorsports
Do not copy without permission
Thanks to everyone that attended the 2014 banquet
We would like let everyone that had concerns as to the points structure
we handed out at the banquet.
The flier said we were only taking your top 16 races,
this is INCORRECT!
All races will receive points and count towards the final point standings.  
Thank you for everyone's understanding.

The board of directors have made there initial engine recommendations for the engine program to go into
effect in 2017. Further test will be conducted and by May 30th all car owners will receive the complete
package to be voted on. 650 cc engines are be tested to decide if weight will need to be changed.
Voting procedure will be explained June 1st.
U.M.R.A. rules states 800lbs to be minimum weight for car and driver. Seat belts must be no older than 2
years old. These will be checked every year. Helmets require at least a snell 2005 rating. The new 2015
snell rating will be out later this year. Registration folders will be passed out at the track.
Our first race is March 28th, at Brownstown Speedway.
The fall nationals at Greensburg are the last weekend in September.
Our schedule has a few modifications that will be addressed by March 28th.
We are working on changing one date at Union County, but nothing has been finalized yet.
Our July speed week events will be highlighted with the Dwenger Memorial at  Greensburg.

Terry Eaglin